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Roofing is more than just a job, its in our blood

The Tomlin Family

"Our family's heritage runs rich in a background of roofing and construction. Robert's grandfather, Joe Yuras, started roofing in San Antonio, Texas in 1949. Audrey's father, Robert Tomlin, began building custom homes for the Texas Hill Country in 1976. During these times we learned things from experience that a classroom will never teach. When we met each other we realized, "We can do this better."

Owners: Robert and Audrey Yuras

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Robert Yuras Jr.

Robert Yuras Jr. began roofing 19 years ago under his father's guidance in San Antonio and New Braunfels. The Yuras family started roofing in San Antonio in 1949. Several years were spent on the roof, installing shingles and learning the trade with his bare hands, like his grandfather. Now 18 years later, along with his wife Audrey, he is following in his father's footsteps and has created a San Antonio roofing company of his own.

Audrey (Tomlin) Yuras

Audrey (Tomlin) Yuras, grew up in Hunt, Texas at the hand of a master craftsman. Her father, Robert Tomlin, is known across the Texas Hill Country for his exceptional standards in fine home building and woodworking. Audrey spent her days on the job sites learning the trades of the craft and how to execute these trades in a timely, efficient manner and on budget.

Roofing in San Antonio

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