In Texas, the law requires an insurance company to adjust their claims in good faith. When an insurance company has a pattern of denying valid claims or underpaying claims, they can be monetarily punished….  You want a roofer that is experienced in fighting insurance claims.


Don’t give up after your roof claim gets denied

Never give up after the first roof claim is denied. With our experience, we have learned that many roof claims get approved only after the second or third adjustment. If you do not agree with the original decision, insurance companies will send new adjusters at no cost.

Either way, it might take up to a few years, but the result is worth the wait: you can restore your entire roof at no extra cost other than your deductible. Team up and work with your trusted roofing contractor. Do not assume that the contractor is greedy or aggressive if he asks for more funds from your insurance.  Insurance companies can miss things or punch in a measurement wrong. You want a roofer that does their due diligence and can help mitigate these common mistakes.


Working with your roofing contractor as a team

When you hire your roofing contractor of choice be sure you have built a trusting relationship with them. You and your contractor should focus on what is important and work together to get the best possible outcome from the claim. Contractors should know what is best for you. Do not hesitate with little things and work with your contractor whether it is just signing a few papers such as invoices, change orders, certificate of completion, checks, and other documents. One thing we recommend NOT doing is signing a pre insurance contract. This is a document that roofers use to lock you into using them even before you have filed a claim. For more information on questions to ask a roofing company, use this link>>Ask the right questions


Trust your research and don’t be persuaded by your insurance adjuster

Some insurance companies will try to discredit your contractor and picture him as “greedy” or “not professional”. Often, they will tell you others can do it for less but do not let the insurance company play games with you. If you love working with your contractor keep working with him and discuss a game plan. Discuss what needs to be done to yield the best results for your most valuable asset, your home.


At Tomlin Roofing Professionals we know how to speak to your insurance company; sometimes they just need more proof of the damage. We provide pictures and a report of our findings, so they see the whole picture. Tomlin has over 18 years in the roofing industry and we work with all insurance companies. Trust the good guys at Tomlin!