The 4th of July is upon us! While this year looks a little different the outcome of fireworks going off around you can be detrimental to your roof. While quality roofing material has been treated for fire resistance, some conditions can lead to fires. Your favorite roofing company aka Tomlin Roofing Company offers tips on how to stay safe when the DIY pyrotechnics are active during the evening hours. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), fireworks start 1,300 structure fires each year. To put it simply, fireworks and roofs don’t mix.


2020 is a dangerous fireworks year

Fireworks safety in Texas has been a hot topic in recent years, and 2020 promises to be no different. With cities around the state cancelling fireworks shows, people who stay at home will be more inclined to buy them and light them up in your neighborhood. If you watch fireworks sparks or debris fall on your roof and you find yourself holding your breath for a moment, you already understand the danger. Part of the problem is false confidence roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are fire resistant up to a certain degree of heat. However, the materials underneath such as underlayment and wood decking are very flammable. In conclusion, when you have not had a roof inspection in some time, if there are missing shingles then fireworks can ignite the roof.


Remove the Branches.

While fireworks burn hot, they are hot briefly, but that is all it takes to catch a low hanging branch on your roof. Make sure to cut back these limbs to reduce starting a serious fire. In addition, it helps to remove them anyway to prevent roof damage during a storm.

Remember, not too long ago we had some pretty big wind storms that caused damage to a lot of the roofs around here. If you haven’t had a roof inspection, then you may not even know if you are missing any shingles. Regardless, Tomlin Roofing is here to help with a free inspection after this holiday weekend. We can tell you the condition of the roof and even provide a roofing repair estimate if needed.

Clean those Gutters.

The gutters on your home are a good place where dry leaves and branches can collect and become a fire hazard. Dried moss, and leaves can catch fire very quickly, so keep them from collecting in gutters and flat areas.

Meet your neighbors.

Get to know your neighbors, that way you can determine how worried you should be in regards to their activities on the 4th. You should know what their plans are, while creating a relationship that promotes respect for each other’s property. A good neighbor can also help you out by keeping an eye on your property in case you aren’t home.


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