Most of us have been home for the last 2 months due to Covid19 and one way to fill the idle time is to go online in search of home improvement ideas.

It’s too easy to get lost in the ocean of photograph and blog posts on Google or Pinterest. I’ve been there.

You probably won’t pull the trigger on any of them for your own place—but it’s pretty fun to review the unlimited number of weird and somewhat creative ideas that you’ve come across.

When it comes to the kitchen, for instance, there are endless home improvement ideas. There’s the herb garden wall (in addition to a green thumb, a powerful sunlamp in the ceiling is required) or the pool tabletop that slips right over the center island. That one wouldn’t work if your kitchen’s island is plumbed: the water faucet would stick up and ruin everything. Unless you have a wicked “ball off the faucet, into the corner” trick you’re trying to nail.

But among the clever and innovative ideas you will also find some that are totally impractical—or just plain terrible.
  1. Hammock Over the Stairs. A space-saver, yes. An attractive idea? Just, no.
  2. See-through Bathtub. Glass walls for the tub = a housekeeping nightmare (among other drawbacks).
  3. Fire Pit Coffee Table. Again: just, no.
  4. Ping Pong Door. This one is complicated: the closed door has pins halfway up that allow it to tilt horizontally, whereupon the plastic net is slid into notches provided in the door frame…anyway, it’s a really small ping pong table.
  5. Cat Transit System. A CTS consists of 8” diameter tubes running throughout the house just below ceiling level. Exit openings are provided at various points. Added feline-pleasing features: windows cut into the tubes at various key viewpoints.
  6. A Wall That Plays Music When it Rains. This is an exterior wall idea. You install metal tubes, funnels, bamboo water chimes and tin pans to route rainwater down the side of the wall as noisily as possible to splash and bang through twists and turns and waterfalls. This looks to produce the same quality of music a vacuum cleaner makes.


Readers digest also reached out to their readers and the feedback is pretty hilarious including an inspector that came across a DIY roof repair.

“They opted to run the new exhaust for the range up through the existing vent cap from the wood stove and then attach it to the box vent and screw it to the old stove vent cap.


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