There are several reasons to get on your roof. Fixing small damages, getting an aerial view of your neighborhood, or watching fireworks are all reasons we’ve heard for people attempting to walk on their roofs.

With all of the summer storms rolling in, roofs are being dinged daily and many homeowners want to get up there to see the extent of the damage. Many people even attempt to repair the damage themselves.

Before You Begin Roof Repair in San Antonio

No matter the reason, it’s important to know how to safely repair your roof. Falls account for a significant amount of the injuries of professional roofers. When you follow these guidelines you’ll not only prevent injury to yourself, but to your roof as well.

Things to Know to Safely Repair Your Roof

It’s not level. Roofs are made slanted and pitched so that water and debris can roll off easily. People can also fall off a roof easily. Roofing professionals are comfortable walking on slanted surfaces high off the ground. They also use safety equipment intended for the job, namely a harness and a very solid ladder. It’s easier than one might think to fall off a roof while moving around. Knowing how to repair your roof in Texas is only half the battle. Getting around safely at dangerous heights is the other.

It’s really high. Many people don’t know they have a fear of heights until they see the view from their roof. If you find yourself a little weak in the knees or even if it just makes you slightly nervous to be up there, get down. That’s not the right frame of mind for walking on a roof nor will it help you achieve your roof repair job. Falling can result in severe injury.

It’s really slippery. A wet roof can be extremely slippery. It might be tempting to check out the damage during or immediately after a storm, but it’s not always the best choice. No one should be on a roof in the rain unless there is an emergency. In an emergency, call a professional. Don’t risk your neck to save a couple of dollars.

It’s possible to do more damage. Walking on the roof in the wrong way can cause damage to the roof and the structure of the home. Roofing professionals know how to spot weak areas or places where their footsteps can cause long-term damage. Walking on your roof can cause invisible damage including small cracks that result in water leaks. That damage can lead to future water damage and mold.

Depending on the age of the roof, there may be weaker spots where a person could fall through. Not only will this result in damage to the roof, but physical injury may occur as well. Roofs aren’t built with the same strength as floors because they aren’t meant to withstand traffic.

Terra cotta roofs are extremely susceptible to cracks and breaks. Experienced roofing professionals can spot the fragile points and avoid them. Even asphalt shingles, built to withstand the harsh elements, deteriorate over time and become brittle. Walking on an older roof can cause shingles to break off. Again, roofs really aren’t meant to be walked on, so doing it the incorrect way can crack the underlying materials. When in doubt, leave the roof repair to the professionals.

Tips For Walking on the Roof Safely

If you want to get up on your roof follow these 7 tips:

  1. Make sure your ladder is in good condition and is the correct height for your needs. A second person should be holding the ladder as you climb.

  2. Wear non-slip shoes. Never go on your roof with bare feet or while wearing flip flops or sandals. Most roofs are slippery in wet, hot, or snowy conditions.

  3. Make sure you avoid areas where you could accidentally hit a power line while working.

  4. Don’t put a ladder across any doorways. Someone opening the door could cause an accident.

  5. Don’t lean the ladder onto the gutters. Cracked gutters created additional issues for your home, including water damage and mold.

  6. Use a rope to secure your safety harness to the house or a tree. Make sure that you are using the safety harness according to the instructions. Do not overuse the harness or play with it. It’s there as a last resort in case you fall.

  7. If you feel anxious or uncomfortable while on the roof, climb back down. You need to feel secure to properly move about safely on a roof.

Following these tips will help to keep you safe while checking for damage to your roof. However, make sure to use extreme caution. Injuries are common, and even fatal injuries are possible. When in doubt, call a professional.

Roof Repair in San Antonio

For roof repair in San Antonio, make sure to call Tomlin Roofing. We have certified roofing professionals that not only help repair your roof, but will do it with safety precautions in place. Call or text us today for a free consultation.