Do you have an unwanted skylight forming in your home? Or maybe you are building new and considering the lifespan of roofing materials. After all, you don’t want to replace that roof again, right?

If you search the lifespan of any type of roof, there is a good chance you will see different ranges — HUGE ranges actually. Why is this?

There is no exact expiration date for your roof because every home, environment and material is different.

Why HUGE Ranges in the Lifespan of Roofing Materials?

The age or lifespan of roofing materials is influenced by quite a few factors. When considering the type of material that is best for your home, the lifespan of all the materials will be impacted by your location — and with location you need to consider the following:


Let’s talk weather — and more specifically which or how many seasons your home experiences. If you live in desert areas, the dry and intense heat may speed up the lifespan of asphalt shingles, but with metal or clay you may get a longer life. On the other hand, if you are further north the changes in weather may be more aligned with metal roofing. If rainy seasons are your norm, like here in the Texas Hill Country, metal and built-up (bur) roofing are great options as their lifespans are longer than an asphalt roof.

Tip: Consider your trees too. How close and how many trees are near your home. Do the branches touch? Do the trees shed leaves, nuts or other? Vegetation should be considered for both the type of material you choose and how long it will last.


Are you looking to set it and forget it? Consider how much effort and cost will be required for maintenance. For metal roofs you may need maintenance every two to five years, however for asphalt you should consider inspecting the roof annually for bald spots and granule deposits in the gutters. Based on the weather and environment, your inspections may increase over the years.

Tip: Set up a standing appointment with Tomlin Roofing to have your roof inspected and maintained. Taking the time to check the integrity of your roof will allow you to address any issues as they occur, which will ensure a longer lifespan. Without ongoing maintenance, you may be forced into a full roof replacement sooner than you planned due to neglect. 


At Tomlin Roofing we pride ourselves on performing a thorough examination of your current wood decking to ensure it’s in good condition before any roof installation. However, any roof that is installed over the top of another will shorten the lifespan regardless of material you choose. The quality of your installation will impact the lifespan of any roofing material, which is why it’s important to leave your roofing needs to the professionals.


The slope of your roof, number of angles, sun exposure, and color may affect the lifespan of your roofing materials as well. The more intense the color, the higher the probability of fading. The number of angles opens up the possibility of cracks and leaks. Ensure your installation is done by a reputable installer to reduce the likelihood of these issues.

When Should You Consider Replacing Your Roof?

If you have an unwanted skylight in your home, it is time to replace your roof — this is pretty obvious! Let’s consider the less obvious signs:


How old is your current roof? Is your roof still within its expected lifespan? If you aren’t sure, it’s time to engage the professional roofing services of Tomlin Roofing to have your roof inspected. We offer free roof inspections. Give yourself peace of mind and plenty of time to prepare for major repairs or replacement.

Bald Spots and Curls

No, we are not talking about your hair! Worn areas on asphalt roofing can be a sign of aging. The granules will start to fall off…and most likely end up in your gutters. The short-term fix is to replace the shingles, but if more than 5% of your roof has these spots, you’ll want to consider replacing the whole roof. This is also true if your shingles are curling.

Color fading

In the case of metal roofs, look for areas that are fading in color. If that color looks “rusty,” it’s definitely time to call in a professional.

Water Valleys

If water is collecting in valleys on your roof, the integrity of your roofing material and potentially your home’s structure is at risk. Excessive water may lead to mold and internal leakage. You might not find water in your living room, but your attic and insulation should be inspected to prevent more serious damage.

Plant Growth

There is a new style of roofing called a living garden. While this is fabulous for some environments, if you didn’t install your garden on purpose, it is time to replace your roof, the underlay and most likely the wood decking.

Increase in Heating and/or Cooling Costs

We suggest pulling up the past three years of your utility bills. Have you seen an increase? Charting out your costs can help you identify when it is time to replace your roof, as well as help highlight the cost savings when budgeting for roofing material options.

FREE Roof Repair Estimates

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