Why Choose Us
  • Transparency: At Tomlin, we are open and honest about everything we do, from cost to work. We will educate you so every decision is based on knowledge, not emotion.

  • Experience: We have seen it all. Our team can handle any job, big or small. We will assess the situation, evaluate all options, then educate and assist you to make the best decision.

  • Community Focused: We have pride in our community. When people spend money with us, we then in turnaround and spend that money back into the community through local vendors and contractors.

Tomlin Roofing Professionals is for anyone who wants to save time, money, and stress on roof replacement by doing it right the first time.

Protecting Our Community One Roof at a Time

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Commercial roofing protects our businesses, employees, assets, and our communities.

The health of your roof can be a good indicator of the health of your business. A constant leaky roof is a source of stress and expense. A reliable strong roof provides peace of mind and protection.

As a local company, we pride ourselves in partnering with businesses right here in our community to create strong, reliable commercial roofing solutions.

Our Process

Our commercial roofing services are straightforward and simple.

We take a complicated process and make it easy so you can get back to business.

  • Consultation: Clear and transparent communication is at the center of everything we do. Talk to us about needs and the things that are important to you.

Then, we cater our services to your priorities with our generational expertise and experience.

  • General Inspection & Damage Assessment: Replacing your roof isn’t always the best or most economical answer.

Sometimes the right repair is all you need.

As commercial roofing contractors, we are trained to conduct a general inspection across the entire surface, assess the roof for integrity failure and even evaluate the future lifespan of your roof before we take any action.

  • Project Scope and Estimates: After the assessment, we provide a detailed account of our options including recommendations, projected expenses, and a timeline for your repair or replacement.
  • Repairs, Installation, & Maintenance Plans: Once the project begins, we follow a strict repair and installation procedure to ensure that your property, employees, and customers are cared for in the process.

We finish by creating reliable maintenance plans that preserve the integrity of your roof and keep it performing at an optimal level.

  • Warranties: We provide one of the very best product and labor warranties in the industry for all the commercial roofing work we do.

Types of Roofs We Repair and Install

At Tomlin, we want to serve our customers through a wide range of commercial roofing products. We work with all of the major roofing materials including the following:

Asphalt Shingles (Standard and Designer): Asphalt shingles are the most common and popular type of roof in the US. While they are generally used for residential homes, plenty of commercial properties also use asphalt shingles because they are easy to install, easy to maintain, durable, noiseless, and affordable.

Standing Seam Metal: Metal roofs are very popular for both residential and commercial purposes, due to their unmatched benefits, reduced maintenance, and impressive lifespan. We recommend a standing seam metal roof as opposed to other metal options because they are installed with concealed fasteners.

TPO: Made from recycled rubber, TPO roofing is one of the most common materials for today’s flat-roof commercial buildings. It is inexpensive and lightweight while maintaining impressive durability in extreme weather. It is resistant to UV damage, bacteria growth, chemicals, fires, and other external factors and is still budget-friendly.

SBS Modified Bitumen: SBS is one of the oldest commercial roofing materials still used today because of its high performance. SBS is a family of synthetic rubber derived from styrene and butadiene perfect for flat roofs. It is asphaltic in nature and is known for its outstanding ability to withstand impact.

6 Warning Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs a Repair

It’s easy to push off tasks to another day when business is busy.

Procrastinating even small roofing issues can quickly lead to much bigger problems that may halt your business entirely.

The following signs indicate that your commercial roof needs repair.

  1. Leaking: Any indication of moisture is an issue that needs to be addressed. This may include water damage on the walls or ceiling, moisture in the attic space, a musty or mildewing smell, or any signs of mold.
  2. Rising Energy Bills: Keep an eye on your monthly bills. A functional commercial roof should maintain the internal temperature of your building without overloading your HVAC system. If your roof is faulty, the lack of insulation can lead to a spike in energy bills. Fixing your roof provides relief to both the structure of your building and can save hundreds of dollars on energy costs.
  3. Sagging Roofline: Most commercial buildings have a flat roofline. If you notice any area of your roof is sagging or has low spots that are susceptible to standing water, this could be a structural issue.
  4. Bubbles & Blistering: If you notice your roof material is starting to lift up or break down, you need to call a professional roofer. Sometimes the bubbles can be small and only observed from the surface of your roof. Other times they can be more obvious when moist air or water is trapped beneath your roof surface.
  5. Loose Roof Materials: Loose roofing materials only get worse over time. This may be caused by severe weather, poor installation, or old age. When left unattended, loose roof materials will leave the building more susceptible to further damage.
  6. Clogged Drains or Gutters: Your gutter system can be a good indicator of the overall health of your building. If you notice less water coming through the drains or gutters, it could indicate a clog. Less water coming out may also indicate more standing water on the surface of the roof.

3 Warning Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs to be Replaced

We understand that installing a brand-new roof on a commercial building is a significant investment and so we do everything we can to use quality repairs to extend the lifespan of your roof.

However, there are three clear signs that it’s time for your roof to be replaced.

  1. Old Age: Nothing lasts forever, including your commercial roof. If you don’t know the original installation date or the expected lifespan of your roof, our trained roofing experts will help you evaluate its life with an inspection.
  2. Roof Membrane Damage: The membrane is what protects your roof from the elements. An upliftment of your membrane is usually caused by strong winds or storms, resulting in bald spots on the roof. If more than 25 percent of your membrane is damaged, it’s time to call for professional services and consider a new roof replacement.
  3. Damaged Roof Deck: The roof deck is the actual building material underneath the membrane. Damage to the roof deck is usually caused by moisture and can seriously compromise the structural integrity of your building. The best solution for a damaged or rotted roof deck is roof replacement.

Benefits of Timely Roof Repair and Maintenance

Repairing or replacing your roof provides you the peace of mind of a protected building. However, there are some additional benefits our customers enjoy when they take advantage of the services provided by Tomlin Roofing.

Extended Lifespan: We partner with each client to take care of all of your roof concerns, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business. Through our complete assessment process, we can identify and fix any issues before they lead to worse damage. After the repair or replacement of your roof, we provide routine quality maintenance so you never have to worry about an unexpected roof leak again.

Enhanced Safety: Water leaks don’t just hurt your bottom line. They can also cause damage to other assets in your building, present slip hazards, and create downtime leading to economic loss. When you partner with us, our maintenance program and reliable team of contractors ensure that this never happens.

Improved Resale Value: If you consider selling your building in the future, a functional and well-maintained roof will improve the resale value of your property. On the other hand, a poorly maintained roof will lead to a significant loss in the value of your property and problems with passing a building inspection.

Increased Efficiency: Most of our clients experience a decrease in their energy bills after partnering with Tomlin. When your building is well insulated, the HVAC system is not overloaded and your building easily maintains a comfortable temperature.

Why Choose Tomlin Roofing Professional

Transparency: We believe the best way to build relationships with our customers is to maintain transparency in all communications, costs, timelines, and progress. Our goal is to educate customers about their roof, so they are empowered to make every decision based on reliable information, not emotion.

Experience: We have worked with a wide range of commercial buildings both big and small. Our process is always the same and our experience is unmatched. We are more than just another roofing contractor — we are hiring a team with generational experience backed up by decades of ‘doing roofing right.’

Community-Focused: We are a local company that takes pride in the communities we serve. We strive to support our community by using local vendors and contractors wherever possible.

We operate out of two locations to better serve our community with all their roofing needs.

Roofing Professionals in Your City

At Tomlin Roofing Professionals, we understand how exhausting and time-consuming getting your commercial roof replaced or repaired can be.

It is our goal to make this process easier so you can get back to work.

With our team of professionals at the helm, we provide a dependable, sturdy, and well-built commercial roof you can rely on for years.

When you need commercial roofing experts, give us a call!

Protecting Homes One Roof at a Time

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