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  • Transparency: At Tomlin, we are open and honest about everything we do, from cost to work. We will educate you so every decision is based on knowledge, not emotion.

  • Experience: We have seen it all. Our team can handle any job, big or small. We will assess the situation, evaluate all options, then educate and assist you to make the best decision.

  • Community Focused: We have pride in our community. When people spend money with us, we then in turnaround and spend that money back into the community through local vendors and contractors.

Tomlin Roofing Professionals is for anyone who wants to save time, money, and stress on roof replacement by doing it right the first time.

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If your roof is showing signs of distress and a replacement is imminent, the process can be overwhelming.

Many factors go into a reliable roof replacement and several decisions are to be made before the process is complete.

Hiring a team of professionals means getting the job done right without stress.

From start to finish, we take care of each step and complete most jobs in less than one day.

4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Roof

There are a few clear signs that indicate it is time for a roof replacement.

1. Cracked and Damaged Shingles: Generally, you can notice problems with your shingles without even getting on the roof. If you notice them curling at the edges, cracking down the middle, or clearly damaged then your roof has run its course and you need to replace it.

2. Cracks and Breaks in the Flashing: The flashing is a thin metal strip that provides additional protection around chimneys, skylights, and vents. Because these areas are more susceptible to moisture damage and leaks, even a small crack can create extensive damage.

3. Roof Damaged with Age: Every roof has a lifespan and nothing lasts forever (although some roofing materials come close). The average lifespan of a standard asphalt shingle roof is between 15 and 20 years. For metal, the lifespans are easily double that at 50 years or longer. Knowing the age of your roof is an important step to understanding when it may need replacing.

4. Moss Growth: Moss grows in dark and humid environments. If your roof is shaded and fosters moss growth, it can quickly cause damage to the shingles. Especially at freezing temperatures, moss can be a major problem and should be removed by professionals as soon as possible.

Types of Roofs We Replace

Asphalt Shingle Roofs 

Asphalt shingles are the single most popular roofing materials because they are both affordable and easy to install.

They also have exceptional durability in any environment.

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of styles, most of which are recyclable and have a lifespan of 15-20 years.

We work with dimensional, designer, and 3-tab.

3-tab shingles (also known known as strip shingles) are the most original and basic type of asphalt shingles.

3 Tab

Dimensional shingles (also known as architectural shingles) are more durable and last longer than strip shingles.


Designer shingles (also known as luxury shingles) are a premium line of asphalt shingles known for their high curb appeal.


Metal Roofs 

Metal roofs have become extremely popular in residential roofing in recent years.

Metal carries an impressive lifespan and is naturally resistant to weather, pests, fire, mold, and moss with minimal maintenance.

If you are interested in a metal roof, check out the different styles we offer.

Clay & Concrete Tiles

Clay and concrete tiles are made from natural materials and provide a Spanish-style red roof look.

Tile roofing provides great durability, low maintenance, and is completely waterproof.

Our concrete tiles come in the following styles:

Roof replacement with shake style roofing will give your home more depth and improved curb appeal.


Slate-style roofing is among the most long-lasting materials today, sometimes up to 100 years.


Villa tiles are one of the most beautiful roof materials, and they require little to no maintenance after replacement.


Espana (also known as Spanish tile roof) has been around for centuries but still widely used today for roof replacement.


Our clay tiles come in these two styles:

The 2 Piece Mission clay tile offers a combination of history, security, and beauty in one roof.

2 Piece Mission Style

The 1 Piece Mission S Style is similar to the 2 Piece but comes at a slightly lesser cost.

1 Piece S Style

FAQs About Roof Replacements

This depends on what you’re looking for in a roof replacement. For most homeowners, an asphalt shingle roof will be the best replacement because it is affordable, easy to install, and sometimes it is required by the HOA.

If you’re looking for a roof that will last your entire life, metal is the way to go.

Slate, tile, and concrete are also long-lasting options, but they are heavier than metal and may require additional structural support.

Why Choose Us

Transparency – At Tomlin Roofing we provide a transparent and honest experience for every customer. We strive to educate the customer on the process and make each decision based on knowledge and facts rather than emotion or manipulation.

Experience – We have the experience to assess your situation and evaluate all available options. By working in the industry for decades, we have seen it all and can handle any job, big or small to help you make the best decision for your property.

Community Focused – We have pride in the communities that we serve. With each location, we strive to work with local vendors and contractors whenever possible.

Give Your Home a New Look

Roof damage left unattended will inevitably lead to larger problems sooner rather than later.

The roof replacement process can be expensive and overwhelming, but we make it affordable and easy.

We even work with your insurance company to get you any coverage you may be entitled to.

When you need roofing experts, call us to see how we can give your home a new look.

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