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Metal Roofing Color Charts

We offer a variety of colors to accent your home. Check out our metal roofing color charts below to pick your favorite.
Matterhorn Metal Roofing

Matterhorn Metal Roofing metal tiles come in a huge selection of colors and are made with durability in mind. Like all of us in Texas, they’re able to withstand the scorching Southern heat and look good doing it. Matterhorn metal tiles make a great choice for both budget-conscious and planet-responsible homeowners as they are recyclable and may actually help contribute to the energy efficiency of your home. The carbon alloy steel core metal tiles feature anti-corrosion coating and fade-resistant paint so no matter what color you choose, it’ll last the life of your roof. Matterhorn tiles are lightweight and excellent for any roofing needs your home has. Bring the classic tile look to your home without sacrificing modern roofing technology with Matterhorn Metal Roofing. Check out the metal roofing color charts below.

metal roofing color charts
metal roofing color charts
Brick Blend
metal roofing color charts
metal roofing color charts
Tuscan Stone
Weathered Canyon
Weathered Sage
metal roofing color charts
Weathered Terracotta
metal roofing color charts
Weathered Sequoia


With traditional, metallic, and premium roofing colors, Berridge metal roofing is made to match your home. Berridge has been bringing premium choices to the metal roofing industry for more than 45 years and they’re not slowing down. With constant new roofing innovations and technologies being put to the test, Berridge metal roofing just keeps getting better. When you need a standing seam metal roof, Berridge gives you exactly what you’re looking for. Featured in premier destinations with some of the harshest weather conditions like Margaritaville in Orlando, Berridge roofing materials are meant to take a beating. When you need durability, Berridge is the way to go. Check out the Berridge metal roofing color charts below.

McElroy Metal

A large selection of roofing material styles means McElroy Metal has something to appease all homeowners. Whether you’re looking for a slate-look metal roof, tiles, or standing seam, we can help you find the McElroy Metal roof for your home. The company stands behind its products and has taken steps to make sure everyone gets the best metal roofing. From the smallest residential roof to the largest commercial projects, McElroy Metal gives customers a roof they can feel good about having installed. Our trained professionals know how to work with McElroy Metal’s product lineup to give you the best roof, big or small.

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