When the time comes to update a roof, many homeowners get stuck on one decision: whether to reroof or replace the roof. There are several pros and cons to consider when making the decision about roof replacement or reroofing in San Antonio.

To reroof is to layer one or more sets of new shingles over what is already there. This can only be down once. Once you have reroofed once, another set of shingles cannot be added on top. Roof replacement is the tearing off of the old roof down to the deck and the installation of new paper and roofing materials. Roof replacement can be done again and again, whereas reroofing can only be done once.

Roof Replacement and Reroofing Cost

Nationally, installing a new asphalt shingle roof on a home costs between $6,000 and $10,000, depending on where the home is located and how much work and materials are involved in the project. Roofs made of wood, metal, tile, or slate are generally more expensive. Commercial roof replacement is usually at least four times as much. The cost of roof replacement and reroofing in San Antonio, Texas, is about average compared to prices across the United States.

Supply and demand in an area also affect the price. A huge storm that causes damage across a specific region can cause prices to go up significantly. An oil shortage in another country can also raise the prices of your roof because asphalt shingles are partially made from petroleum.

Roofs are one of the more expensive home projects because it’s one of the most, if not the most, important safeguards for protecting your home from the elements. Your roof takes the brunt of your home’s exposure to the elements, so this is not the place to skimp on quality.

A larger roof is obviously going to cost more than a smaller roof and the materials you use will also affect the price. Other factors that could increase the price of your roof including adding or working around extras such as skylights or other upgrades. To keep costs down, make sure to get estimates from reputable contractors in your area.

Costs for reroofing in Texas are generally less than a full roof replacement as it requires only a new layer of materials and not as much work. However, if you need a roof replacement and you choose to reroof or repair a section instead, you may actually end up increasing the costs in the long run.

Hidden Costs

There are often hidden costs involved with roofing. A lot of this comes because everything under the roof is covered up and once the old parts have been removed, hidden damage is uncovered. For example, a long-term leak may have rotted out the wood. This is why putting off a problem can cause more damage in the long run. Patching something that needs to be replaced commonly leaves you with bigger problems in the future.

Another thing to consider is whether the deck underneath your existing shingles is damaged or sagging. If you cover up that issue by reroofing, you’ll find your roof (and your wallet) in a world of hurt in the future.

Reroofing in Texas is a good option when a roof is coming to the end of its recommended use but is still in good condition. A small leak or two can be fixed by reroofing. A roof replacement is needed if shingles are missing or large amounts of mold and mildew are present.

Roof Repairs

Many people hope to repair just a small section of the roof, but that can end up being more trouble than reroofing or roof replacement. It’s often hard to match the materials you purchased years prior. While many people keep a package of shingles for replacements, depending on how long the extras have been sitting, they might not be in good shape either.

If you are wondering why your roof is experiencing damage, take the time to investigate not only the current state of your roof, but also the materials around it. Some of the most common reasons for roof damage include missing shingles and broken or missing flashing, often caused by ice or snow sitting on the roof for too long, leaking pipes, or trees too close to the house.

Roof Replacement and Reroofing in San Antonio

No matter which direction you choose to go make sure to contact the professionals. Tomlin Roofing Professionals provides a free roof inspection and will always give you the best estimate for your situation. Additionally, we are trained to spot possible trouble areas that you might miss. Don’t make the wrong choice or risk increased costs in the future, contact us today for roof replacement and reroofing in San Antonio and the surrounding areas!