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Shingle Roofing - Our Process

Tomlin Roofing uses the top shingle brands, Certainteed and Owens Corning on your home. All roofs are removed entirely down to the decking. The roof deck is inspected for rotten wood and replaced as needed. New underlayment is installed and special water barrier is applied around trouble areas to protect from leaks. Shingles are installed using nails, never staples. After the roof is completed, a Tomlin roofing professional will personally inspect the final product, insuring you receive the quality you deserve. All of our roofs are protected with a 5 year workmanship warranty


Residential 101

What you need to know


3 Tab & Dimensional Shingles

The 3-Tab Shingle (shown top-left) is typically warrantied from manufacturing defects for up to 25 years. It's composed of a single ply of fiberglass, asphalt and a granular finish

Laminated shingles (shown bottom-left) carries a limited lifetime warranty. The shingle has a variety of names such as architectural or dimensional, derived from its enhanced 3D design. It is composed of two layers of fiberglass, asphalt and granules, which are laminated together in a variety of patterns to give an enhanced look to your roof top.



Ridge Cap

Ridge Cap is used to cap the hips and ridges across your home. Ridge cap on standard 3 Tab Roofs are cut from the same material as the field shingle. Ridge cap on a dimensional shingle can be a variety of sizes and profiles. Tomlin Roofing Professionals will discuss the different options and pricing with you during your proof evaluation.



Pipe Flashings

Pipe penetrations through the roof are the leading cause of roof leaks. Using the proper pipe flashings around these pipes is crucial to a long lasting, leak-free roof.



Roofing Underlayment

Roofing underlayments are now produced in a wide variety of types. A Tomlin Roofing Professional will assist you in choosing the right underlayment for your home.




The Roofing Industry has been creating varieties of roof vents since the first shingle was installed. Roof vents are used to aid in ventilating attic heat to help reduce internal home temperatures. We utilize a variety of these vents around the entire roof to maximize the efficiency of your ventilation.


The Insurance Process, Explained

Filing and insurance claim on damages done to your property can be a confusing process. Tomlin Roofing Professionals are trained at understanding this process. Below is a diagram of your Summary Page, along list of definitions, that may come up during your claim process. Reviewing your claim with your estimator is imperitive. Our professionals want to ensure the you are reimburesed for the entire contents of your claim. Often times adjusters can miss items on your claim, leaving you with a greater out of pocket cost than expected.


M – Replacement Cost Value

The Replacement Cost Value is the summary of all line items on your claim, PLUS applicable labor fees, taxes and O&P charges.

Q – Total Depreciation

Your total depreciation is a RECOVERABLE amount that will be issued to you after your repairs are complete. This will come as a second check once proof of completion is sent to the insurance company

N – Actual Cash Value

Actual Cash Value is the claim total, minus depreciation factors that the insurance applies to your claim.

L – Line Item Total

The line item total is the sum of all of the items listed on your insurance claim.

P – Net Claim

The net claim amount is the total check amount you will receive FIRST. This amount represents the sum of all the reimbursements, minus the depreciation and the deductible

O – Deductible

Your deductible is a predetermined percentage or set amount establish when you purchased your policy. The deductible is the policy holder's out of pocket responsibility


What is a Supplement?

It is imperative that you review your insurance claim with your Tomlin Roofing estimator. Your estimator can identify areas that have been short paid by the insurance and assist in filing a supplement to the insurance for further reimbursement. 


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