Have you thought about ways to lower your electric bills recently? It is definitely something to consider. One way would be to add light to your home the natural way, consider adding a skylight. Understanding the pros, cons and diverse types of skylights will help you make an educated decision.


Skylights Add Natural Light

Adding a skylight to the roof will increase the amount of natural light in the room. This additional natural light provides the most benefits in rooms without other windows or with windows. Natural light comes with health benefits such as improving sleep and booting your vitamin C. For other benefits visit>https://www.healthline.com/health/natural-light-benefits.

Some Types of Skylight Can Cause Glare

Make sure to place skylights in a place that will minimize the risk of glare from the sun. The glare can make a room hot or bright, which can limit the use of the room and cause items in the room to fade. Be sure to choose a skylight with a light filter to help block out the glare.

Skylights Can Make a Room Appear Larger

Sometimes artificial lighting doesn’t reach all the corners of a room, which can make the room less pleasant and look smaller. Adding a properly placed skylight will help all corners of the room receive light. The skylight also offers a chance to bring the outside in and further increase the perceived size of the room.

The Right Skylight Can Save Energy

In choosing the right type of skylight, you may lower the cost of heating and cooling costs. Skylights have a reputation for energy leaks, but this occurs most often with inexpensive or poorly installed models. Be sure that your roofer goes with a manufacturer that offers skylights with better energy efficiency.

The Slope of the Skylight Affects Heat Gain

To minimize solar heat gain, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends you install skylights at a slope that is between 5 and 15 degrees more than the latitude where you live.

Openable or Vented Skylights Work Well in Hot Climates

Hot climates, such as Texas, mean that the light from skylights can cause a room to become hot if they don’t have special coatings or open. Choose a skylight that can vent or open to help increase fresh air and decrease heat in the room with the skylight. Some skylights open manually, while others feature motorization.

Automatic Skylights May Be Beneficial

If cost isn’t a factor, consider a skylight with rain and heat sensors. This type of skylight can open if the room is too hot to let out extra heat and close if it senses moisture, such as rain, which can help protect the home and keep a room with a skylight more comfortable during hot days. These skylights may also have programmable remotes.

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