Product Highlight: GacoRoof Silicone Coating

Recently, we completed a commercial roof restoration over an eye clinic in Seguin, Texas, using a product called GacoRoof. The product is a solvent-based, pure silicone coating that can be applied to most roofing surfaces.

Our existing surface on this project is a sprayed foam, that has been coated with an acrylic coating. The foam and the coating have begun to fail and are leaking. The solution is to pressure wash and clean the roof surface, apply Gaco Liquid Roof Tape to penetrations and cracks, then apply two coats of silicone top coat.

The entire process took about 2 full days. The results are a beautiful, restored surface that can now continue to provide waterproofing for several years to come. If you have a roof surface that needs restoration, this process may be right for you. Contact Tomlin Roofing Professionals today for an evaluation. 210-267-9400 or make an appointment at


Existing Roof Surace


Roof Surface after cleaning


Gaco Liquid Roof Tape applied to cracks and voulnterable areas


Two coats of GacoRoof applied to roof surface

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