Leaks seem to happen for no good reason at all. Whether you have a twenty year old roof or a brand new house, leaks can happen. The best thing to do is call a licensed roofing professional such as Tomlin Roofing. In the meantime; please see the general or most common reasons below:

Jeopardized shingles

It may be due to subpar workmanship, faulty materials or it may have been a wind or hail storm: Once shingles that have blown off, the integrity of your roof system has been compromised and this can cause leaks. Most of the time, this can be spotted from the ground, however on some roofs, a professional may be required to inspect.

Incorrect Valleys

The roof valley (The “V” created where two sloping roofs meet) could have been damaged. Either the valley metal (open valley) or shingles (closed valley) could have been damaged either accidently by roofers stepping in them or if maintenance is neglected, buildup of debris could cause water buildup and leaks.

  1. Shoddy installation or below standard materials
    One of the most common causes for leaks is poor workmanship. If an unexperienced roofing contractor did not install the materials properly, leaks can occur. Leaks caused by improper installation can include the roof membrane, roof flashing, roof vents or chimney, although these can be punctured by various things. The most common problem with these areas is poor installation of materials.
  2. Punctured roof or obstructed water flow
    Falling limbs or trees, hail or other objects; such as leaves can cause major damage to a roof. After a storm, it is highly recommended to have an inspection as soon as possible if signs of a leak are present. Even if the roof was not punctured, debris could block water flow causing pooling which can seep into your home and cause damage, including leaks. Keeping the gutters clean is very important as well as keeping the entire roof free of debris to prevent damage.
  3. Improper Room Ventilation
    Improper ventilation in rooms where high moisture is generated (like bathrooms, kitchens, sunrooms) can cause moisture to build up and cause serious damage over time. Be sure these rooms are ventilated properly to avoid problems.
  4. The roof is just too old
    Roofs don’t last forever: Once the materials in your roof age beyond their life expectancy they begin to break down, compromising the integrity of your roof.

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