Multiple layers of shingle

This mistake is a mix of homeowners not understanding why they shouldn’t and roofers willing to do quick, junky work. Especially in the case of traditional asphalt shingles, adding another layer will mask any issues in the decking that need repair. The result is a roof that’s much heavier than normal and still has all its old problems, now trapped under a layer of new shingles that are doing more harm than good.

It’s definitely a tempting choice for the quick solution because adding multiple layers of shingles is more affordable than taking out the old roof, and in years past, the practice was more frequent. It has grown less acceptable as the results have become obvious and more roofers refuse to do it.


Taking off the materials to check for problems

This is just one of the biggest mistakes you can do. If you are not sure that you can do an inspection by yourself, it is better you hire a roofer to help you with it. If you decide to pull of all the materials from your roof just to check for a leaking place, you may just be exposing your roof to more danger than you can think of, first you may not be able to replace the materials as perfectly as they were and as a result, you will have even more openings that will cause leaks. We recommend that if you experience any kind of leaks, you should call in an expert roofer to help you in the identification of the problem and solve it.


Fixing Leaks with a DIY Project

This roofing mistake happens when homeowners see a leak and put off calling a roofer about it. Instead, they stuff a leak with rags or patch it with filler. The problem is that the leak you see is only the last part: The actual leak starts somewhere in the roof and spreads out through the roof structure until it finds a ceiling or wall. By creating a DIY patch, you are just rerouting the leak, and making it much worse in the process. It is better to call an experienced roofing company.


Treating the Roof Like It’s Bulletproof

This mistake appears when homeowners try to take care of their rooftops without realizing where they are defenseless. Pressure washing, for example, will indeed clean your roof, but it can also remove protective granules from shingles and may damage more delicate roofing materials. Getting up on your roof is a great way to clean up leaves, but walking carelessly on a roof can damage underlayment and collapse shingles.


Failing to trim branches

Life gets very busy BUT, if you fail to trim all the branches that are above your roof, these branches could potentially damage your roof. When a storm comes, the branches might just break off and fall on the roof causing a great damage to your roof. Apart from that, the leaves from the branches falls on the roof causing accumulation of debris which holds a lot of water on the roof that in turn causes rusting of the metal roofs and decomposition in other types of roof materials.

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