The only thing lovelier than having your own home, I think, is having your own home with your own porch. What a delightful way to enjoy all the pleasures of being outside while still being protected from the elements. To be able to breathe the fresh air without the worry of the sun beating down on you. To be able to enjoy the beauty of the rain without getting all wet. If you already have a porch, lucky you. If you’re building a new porch, good idea. But in either scenario, let me ask you something – have you thought about your roof?

Yes, in a perfect world, this would be something you shouldn’t have to ever think about. But in this not so perfect world, my suggestion is that you think about it once and, if you do it right, never have to think about it again. Which is why I suggest a metal roof for your accent porch.

And here’s why:

Metal roofs require minimal maintenance.

Metal roofs never shrink, crack, or warp. While there is nothing that exists that is absolutely no-maintenance, metal roofs are most definitely low-maintenance. In general, to keep your roof looking great, you just add water — using a hose, or at most a power washer, is probably all you will ever need to keep your metal roof clean and beautiful.

Metal roofs are lightweight.

Metal roofs are 50% lighter than asphalt shingles and 75% lighter than concrete tile or slate. And yet, metal roofs are the winners when it comes to tensile strength. In cases where you have an existing roof, a metal roof can be used to replace it without the need of adding any additional support.

Metal roofs are cool.

Metal roofs are designed to reflect heat away, which means cooler temperatures for those sitting beneath them. We all know how hot Central Texas can get in the summer — so this is a definite plus.

Metal roofs are incredibly durable and long-lasting.

With proper and, as discussed above, minimal maintenance — your metal roof should last for decades. That’s three to four times longer than your standard roof. Metal roofs are nearly impervious to such things as mildew, fungus, rot, and rust, and even insects. They are far less likely to be impacted by weather issues such as hail or falling tree branches. Fires and lightning strikes cease to be an area of concern as your metal roof is fire-resistant.

Metal roofs are a better choice for the environment.

Metal roofs are made primarily from recycled content, a minimum of 25% but often far more. And while you probably will not have to do so in your lifetime, when it does come time to replace the metal roof you so wisely installed, that roof and all its fasteners will be 100% recyclable.

Metal roofs are stylish.

Today’s metal roofs are more than the corrugated sheeting you used to see used on shed or barns. They are far more aesthetically pleasing and come in an almost endless variety of colors. Some can even mimic the look of wood, clay, or slate. And Tomlin fabricates their roofing onsite which guarantees you a perfect fit. We can create practically anything you can imagine.

Metal roofs are comparable in cost.

While many people worry about the expense of choosing metal roofing for their entire home, working on a smaller area such as an accent porch means that the cost of choosing a metal roof is not much more than choosing a roof of another material — and yet you receive all of the benefits listed above.

Schedule Your Metal Roof Consultation

So, as you can see, covering your accent porch in a roof made of metal is a wise choice. Now, let us show you what a beautiful choice it can be as well. Contact Tomlin Roofing Company to set up your free estimate. Let us show you all that is possible so you can get back to doing what you should be doing – enjoying that wonderful porch of yours.